Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Wonderful Weddings

After a long not-so-vacation and so many changes that you'll never even expect... i'll save the present for later and start with the past. The past that should have been posted directly after the events........ but alas......... here we are:

First up: Nikie- We've been great friends for as long as I can remember, she made a beautiful bride

Here she is with her Sister Jamie and new Husband Alan:
Merrie made a beautiful Preggers Brides maid

Somehow I never got a picture of Amanda, but she was a beautiful bridesmaid as well- Wish i had a picture for you

Brianne, Annie and I enjoying the Festivities

NEXT UP: Annie Marie
THE most beautiful and alternative bride EVER! I had the pleasure to be involved in her wedding and let me tell you, it was not only a pleasure but memories I will hold close to my heart forever
TOLD ya so- she was gorgeous
The Happy Couple- My new Brother Matt they fit together like a bright, silly, happy puzzle
A quick shot of me and Jaida- Jenni (Annie's cousin) is such a doll. She took a great picture of us! What a jewel she's grown up to be! I hope my daughter turns out as sweet as she is at 16- God knows none of us were 'sweet' at that age :)

This picture couldn't be more perfect. Nikie, Jamie, Erin, Tara,Amanda, Myself, Mary, Merrie and Brianne hiding in the back- one of my favorites!

So.... sadly this is it......... all i have for now. Hopefully the brides will update me with new pics, maybe some group pics... hell Sarah isn't even in these... in fact i dont think I have one of all of us......... anyways i'm half asleep, i'll update more later. Much love my friends. xox

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