Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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LOVE.... or whatnot

L.O.V.E.- everyone has their own definition of it. To some, there is ONE and only TRUE love. The one your heart searches for from birth. The one that fits you so perfectly in every way that you’ll know the second you make eye contact. Your heart flutters and keeps fluttering for weeks, months and years into a happy marriage and full life together. For others, You go through a trial and error. You love many, some more than others, some not as much as they loved you and finally finding someone that fits better than the ones before and the moment that takes your breath away you realize they were there the whole time. There is of course the reality of it for the rest of us, we do meet and encounter many people in a lifetime. We love many as well. If I sat and wrote out the few people I can honest tell you I LOVED (in a relationship stand point) I could only list in all honesty two that I would no doubt spend my life with, and yet somehow even those haven’t worked out for various reasons and my heart seems to believe that someday it will, but then again, reality sets in occasionally and I realize. And in the end only time will tell.

It is wedding season, and an exciting one at that. Two of my longest, closest friends will be married by the end of this month and it really brings a smile to my face. Maybe not all great loves have categories, because again, by definition we all have a different belife in nearly everything when you get down to the bare bones of it. You can take two people from the same religion, same church same subject and have two totally different opinions at the end of the day. SO with that said, I guess the purpose of this little rant today is that it truly is amazing how the human mind works. The heart, the soul, the mind, body and even spirit when it comes to affairs of the heart… love, sadness, joy, SOUL in general. Do we have a true soul mate? Sometimes I think we have several, each one in a different period of our lives, they come, make their mark and some stay for ages, some go as quickly as they came leaving us with at least a flicker of their character emplanted on ourselves.

The realization that everything happens for a reason seems to be coming more and more clear as I get older. Granted, I’m clawing my way to 30- so I’m of course in the back of my head thinking ‘well, it’s that time of my life……. Time where naturally, no matter how ‘grown up’ and ‘responsible’ you became in your 20’s, it’s like hearing the number 30 brings a sense of urgency to the ‘REST of your LIFE’. NOT by any means am I admitting to this as being old, I find my age and my place in life rather busy, hectic, and yet satisfying no matter how many obsticales come and go. I honestly look forward to the next cross road to see what lies around the corner, it excites me!

My daughter just turned six. Not that any of her past birthdays have been less gratifying, but this year, well…. It was like I AGED. I couldn’t stand there and look at this beautiful brown eyed girl so tall and slender and compare her to the tiny 5lb 15oz baby I brought home six years ago. She is truly amazing in so many ways. I stop some days in a jaw dropping realization that she’s becoming a girl, in a few years a woman and only God knows what lies around the corner for her, all I can do is stand back and watch, trying to steer her in the right direction knowing in the back of my mind, in my heart that she will become the person SHE is meant to become, only molded by life on her way. I’m thankful she’s had such a great, padded and happy life so far, and as a parent only hope this continues where for a lot of us end up with tragic shit forming us in different directions or causing reactions that echo for the rest of our lives. Life is an interesting cycle if you really sit back and look at this moment, right now………… Makes me smile really… the unknowing and the possibilities!

So… LOVE or the definition of can be so many things! The love we feel for those close to us, our friends, family. The love we felt or still feel in some way or form for those who have come and gone in our lives even the ones still here, in and out once in a while – in the end of the day, it is a nice feeling, LOVE to look at those in your life and around you that bring great things, happy thoughts, positive emotion and smiles that define love really……….. it’s all around. So why do we feel so lonely in comparison to those who have the ones they ‘love’ next to them in the morning when they wake up? Why so lonely when we sit and watch the sunset alone. We shouldn’t, not in reality… love is what we make of it. Not what we force it to be! Peace- Love to you all! Cheers!