Thursday, July 26, 2012

Somewhere in a Nightmare: Face to Face with Evil- close to the end of the actual story

With my tiered eyes fixed upon the looming dark cloud in the distance I could feel the electrical storm throughout my body. The tiny hairs on my arms stood on end and my heart began to race. I knew it was coming with every flash of silent lightening in the distance my eyes flickered around me to be sure I was still here alone. The summer heat pushed towards me with a smothering breeze of moist heat leaving my face in an almost cold sweat letting me know he wasn't far behind. Silence was always a wonderful part of living but not this kind of silence, when you know that only moments away you face life or death and no-one can be sure of the outcome. I stood still, face expressionless as if to taunt the oncoming evil and let him know I am still unchanged, and ready to take his ass down, or at least die trying.

I didn't spend the past few years of my life working on myself, helping others and trying to love and be kind to all beings only to be erased by some UN-significant force that spreads hatred and fear through the bones of any willing participant. With the sound of the trees rustling, I knew he was closer than before and when the crash from above deafened me and knocked me to my knees i knew that now, was the time to open my eyes and face him.

I looked up from the hot asphalt beneath me, and there he stood. Over six feet tall, dark eyes no longer pretending to have a soul at all staring down at me with that cocky evil grin. His facial features perfect, attractive to any woman, until she got sucked into his hell on earth, he was built like every man dreams to be built only boiling deep within his soul was nothing but a black, dark tar of hate and anger and the wish to ruin anything in his path. Still peering down at me with those deep evil eyes he reached for my hand, as if to offer to help me to my feet. I leaned away and slowly kept my gaze with his as I helped my own self to my feet. I knew that this was it, the moment where one of us dies...and i would be sure it wasn't me.

As he reached underneath his overcoat to retrieve a long dagger, the gleam from the blade caught my eye. As I reached for my weapon it was not fast enough, with one fail swoop  he removed my right hand and most of my arm. I slumped in pain as he stood over me laughing, demanding I give him what he came for. I would die before that day came.... i reached quickly behind me, pulled my 357 and fired the entire magazine into his head. He fell before me into his own puddle of blood, that now began to run towards mine, towards my arm.... He was gone, at least for now... but he'll be back soon enough. I stood to my feet trying to gather my thoughts. the pain was horrible and i felt uneasy as if i were about to pass out when suddenly his hand grasp my foot, tightly around my ankle yanking me backwards to the ground... everything went black.