Thursday, October 10, 2013


I realized today, something I’ve always known but refuse to believe because of the ego we all hold so dear. While sitting back staring out the window of a 747 waiting to take off. Watching the size of these machines move around one another with such grace, wondering how many passengers in each of them waiting patiently to take off down several runways as we passed. The sudden rage of the engine firing up to take off holds so much power and intensity that it gives me butterflies. As we leave the ground the world that only a moment ago was just as big as the reality of day to day life becomes smaller and smaller, the life below seems more and more insignificant as we rise. Gradually floating through the layer of thick clouds that recently covered me in a shadow slowly fades and we rise above them into the light, reaching such a point that in a distance I see the slight curvature of the earths atmosphere. I realize just then… this is as close to exiting this particular universe as I ever will be, until the day comes my soul leaves this shell and since none of us really know what lies after this lifetime, I chose to believe maybe in this particular moment that maybe just maybe if Christianity is true- then I am as close to heaven, where the souls of those past before me are waiting to greet me with a smile or a hug and tell me ‘I told you so’ or ‘man, don’t you wish you had..’….. . OR, I’m just as close to orbiting the earth as I will ever be while alive. either way it’s a great fantasy. So it is moments like this, that I hope to look back on later in life, on the days when the skies are grey and the sun is nowhere in site, when I just want to lay down and not get up until it’s bright blue skies and warm weather. I want to look back at this moment and realize that if I can only get past that first layer of clouds, it’s always brighter once you do, and the farther we climb in that realm the prettier it gets regardless of what is going on down there on earth, where we are all so buried in our day to day drama and bullshit stress of life that we forget to stop and think about how small it all really is in the end. Our jobs will still be there and the issue we deal with today may just as easily go away tomorrow, the hunger and poverty in the country will be there when we land and the smiles we felt a few hours ago may turn to tears with the ring of our cell phones. I guess what it is I realized, that I’ve always known is, day to day, moment to moment the good or the bad, can come and go just as quickly as this amazing machine can lift my small insignificant life into the sky. It’s all minimal in the end, in the scope of it all.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day- Namaste