Thursday, September 9, 2010

It Is The Small Things That I Love The Most

Have you ever seen something so beautiful it literally made you stop breathing for a moment? Something SO captivating you found yourself in a completely different world in utter amazement?

I am by no means an insect lover, they all have their place as do I and being in love with the outdoors makes them a big part of my life, but there are a few small creatures that I don't mind to have land on me while floating down the river, or sitting among the trees. Butterflies and Dragonflies. They don't take anything from you, cause itching or swelling because of their vicious little bite, suck your blood or infest your garden. They, to me, seem to give more than they receive in multiple ways, however the one I most appreciate is the soft silence they offer, the intense color they portray and the seemingly effortless flight that keeps them just on top of the water without touching or landing as if they are not even there.

I saw a dragonfly today that I have never seen before. I do see a lot of dragonflys- i spend a lot of time around the water and therefore enjoy these creatures quite often and marvel at their existence. This particular day though has been one of indescribable anguish, pain, sadness, and pure frustration that even the rain isn't washing away.

I have to admit that while questioning so much of the universal existence of sociology I would rather stare at a bug on any given day!

Like a helicopter, which I am positive I was told (or I made it up and believed it to be true) was actually designed from the dragonfly originally due to it's mobility.....the dragon fly has huge eyes, or...a million tiny eyes making up one, it is the larger part of this insect. I have a problem even calling them insects they are THAT pretty to me. This one though, bright green eyes with blue dots, a very long body tapered at the end it slowly transformed from a florescent green at the neck, to the most beautiful teal, blue and then nearly purple tip of it's tail. In my life I've never seen one those colors. It hovered there, directly in my face then moving away to the side and returning back only feet from my face as if it were peering back at me in the same "is this real" moment.

Mentally dancing with a dragonfly- I have officially become a dreamer beyond my wildest imagination!

I hope this crisp, damn and rather monotone gloomy looking day be warm, happy and beautiful through your window! Cheers.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Changing of the Seasons Approaches

Someone recently opened my eyes to the morning 'blue', the moment just before the sun comes up when the sky is a deep color of blue that seems different than any other color of blue I have yet to see. It doesn't last very long, if you're not really looking, you will miss it in a blink. Tonight, the sky is black. The clouds, moving swiftly to the north are lite up bright white from the city lights just out of my site. Watching them gives me the rush of emotion similar to that of brush strokes on canvas or watching an artist in their trade put their heart and soul into a masterpiece.

To the south, the storm lights up with a fierce rumble, enough to cause chills down my spine and the mixture of warm and cool dance around one another almost blissfully. Fall is here here again.... the morning chill and soft dew, sultry afternoons of humidity followed by thunderstorms that urge you to stay in bed, comfortable and relaxed.

This is is one of my favorite seasons... honestly the only one I don't particularly like is Winter, alas... here I am trying to prepare myself emotionally for the coming days of drab grey skies and layer upon layer of clothing. I don't like the constraints of winter. NO sitting in the sun with your eyes closed absorbing the energy of the heat or the smell of wild flowers on back roads...only crisp fresh air that even though feels nice, in turns burns my chest almost to the point of irritability. Another outdoor activity - some of them. Nothing makes me feel more in tune with nature than a good hike on a sunny cool day in mid winter just after a snow when the sun reflection makes the day seem warmer and more welcoming- these are the days I find myself captured inside the lens of a camera miles away from reality and loving every minute of it. I can only hope time allows some much over due connection with the essence of nature that I so miss.

The rain is here- softly whispering through the trees as the leaves begin to show signs of the first color change. It always begins at the tip of the leaves as a bright yellow... signs of the true color soon to come.

To all my readers who I have lost touch with (sadly i lost a few followers) I apologize for my absence and hope to share the changing of the season with you as i have for the past two years - Cheers my friends.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Wonderful Weddings

After a long not-so-vacation and so many changes that you'll never even expect... i'll save the present for later and start with the past. The past that should have been posted directly after the events........ but alas......... here we are:

First up: Nikie- We've been great friends for as long as I can remember, she made a beautiful bride

Here she is with her Sister Jamie and new Husband Alan:
Merrie made a beautiful Preggers Brides maid

Somehow I never got a picture of Amanda, but she was a beautiful bridesmaid as well- Wish i had a picture for you

Brianne, Annie and I enjoying the Festivities

NEXT UP: Annie Marie
THE most beautiful and alternative bride EVER! I had the pleasure to be involved in her wedding and let me tell you, it was not only a pleasure but memories I will hold close to my heart forever
TOLD ya so- she was gorgeous
The Happy Couple- My new Brother Matt they fit together like a bright, silly, happy puzzle
A quick shot of me and Jaida- Jenni (Annie's cousin) is such a doll. She took a great picture of us! What a jewel she's grown up to be! I hope my daughter turns out as sweet as she is at 16- God knows none of us were 'sweet' at that age :)

This picture couldn't be more perfect. Nikie, Jamie, Erin, Tara,Amanda, Myself, Mary, Merrie and Brianne hiding in the back- one of my favorites!

So.... sadly this is it......... all i have for now. Hopefully the brides will update me with new pics, maybe some group pics... hell Sarah isn't even in these... in fact i dont think I have one of all of us......... anyways i'm half asleep, i'll update more later. Much love my friends. xox

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cowboy Season Has Began

Thank heavens for Football
The one glimpse of Miles Austin............... :( my day will come LOL  

Me outside the new stadium- PreSeason Cowboys V Raiders

Me and Annie Loving the Game Day

Maggie, Ann, and myself

One Bad ASS Stadium, high priced everything, and full of excitement More to come........

last but not least, me directly after my 30th birthday at the fair with the one person on earth who means the world to me:

From the Archives.... enjoy

I am so sorry its been so long since i've posted anything new. Captain Keys- just another liar in the world of lies. here is a post i wrote for you ages ago.... hope it still applies :) so much can change in a month.

I watched an interesting movie last night. It is called “The Lovely Bones”. I was under the assumption from reading about the movie that it was about a murder (and it was) of a 14 year old girl as she watched from above as her father faught to bring her killer to justice (Mark Walberg… giddyup!) The movie started out showing the life of the family a mother, father, two daughters and a son. After the girl dies the creativity of the life after death experience is just amazing, it is, everything I would hope the ‘between’ would be and actually fit quite well the curiosity I hold for those I, myself have lost. The movie itself was disappointing, but just like real life, a lot of things never end as you had hoped they would. All in all it wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen, nor the worst and highly creative yet leaving blanks for you to fill in yourself holes in the storyline you could say. In any case, when you’ve lost someone in your life and you watch a movie like this, you tend to find your mind wandering around asking questions like ‘I wonder if this is what they felt’ etc… there is one quote that really hit me hard and was probably one of the hardest things to hold back tears- when at the end, the little girl who walks you through the movie and her murder finally ‘crosses over’ or goes ‘to heaven’ and she says “Nobody notices when we leave. I mean, the moment when we really choose to go. At best you might feel, a whisper or the wave of a whisper, undulating down. My name is Salmon, like the fish. First name: Susie. I was 14 years old, when I was murdered on December 6th 1973. I was here for a moment, and then I was gone. I wish you all, a long, and happy life.”

I remember odd things happening after my mom died, things that literally made me believe she was still here, trying to let us know she could hear us talking about her etc. Like her crystals flying off a hook hanging on the window in the kitchen, they didn’t just fall, they flew horizontally across the room hit the wall and bounced back, landing on the table before us as we were talking about her. I saw her several times in a near sleep state. She told me several things that ended up coming true mysteriously, like warnings you might say. Losing your mother is hard at any age, but three weeks before your 23rd birthday, right after you finally became friends? It sucks! I haven’t seen my mom in my dreams even or had any odd ‘happenings’ in years. Sometimes, my friends tell me of seeing her in their dreams and I get sad…… because why not me? The dreams, when I do have them are always the same, horrifying dream, not pleasant anymore if I do see her. This line… this particular quote hit me so hard last night- I wonder- when did she finally pass over? I know she’s moved on now, as I don’t feel her with me anymore unless I really focus on her and then it’s only in my heart and memory (which fades slowly with each passing year) but the memory, is really all that is left of her on this earth. I truly believe her soul has gone to rest, or in my belief, has been reborn and will continue to be reborn until she finds enlightenment on in the physical world with her spiritual self. I wonder, when WAS that whisper- because in my heart and mind this is exactly how it works. They stay, confused if they are alive or dead (maybe not all of them) some stay for a long time unable to let go of the life they left behind, some to sooth the family until they feel comfortable passing and others, maybe go immediately because they knew their time here was done. In any case, whatever you believe, whatever you might think happens in the time following your death…….. I wonder when my mom finally left? I wonder how long it will take before the memories become so faded I will have to look at a picture to always remember her face?

I find death fascinating- I always have in a way I suppose…. But once she died I became nearly obsessed with death, the afterlife, spirituality and not really religion but the beyond, what is after this life, what god intends and how he forms us on earth to be the people we become… mistakes he watches us make only to help us fix them in the end. when I get bored I read about death ( is one fascinating site! Inside look by a very interesting man ‘Michael Scott’ on the death of many of out dearly departed famous people- Recently I read that the new hearththrob Robert Pattenson believes he will die young or before a certain age. I’ve never heard anyone else openly state that before but I must admit, I feel the same way. I will be thoroughly surprised if I see the age of 40- if I do, so be it… I’ll be making the best of this life in this shell as long as I can; however since I was young I never thought I’d live an entire life and still to this day only two months from my 30th birthday, I am ok with it if I did die today. Granted, I would miss my daughter no doubt! My friends, my life- but I’m not afraid of what comes after this. I know who I’ve been in this life, I know the good I’ve done and the wrong I’ve done and in my heart I can honestly tell you I know I’ve done more good in this life than bad and I believe my afterlife, or next life will be that much better just because of who I’ve become in this one. So in any case, with the 7th anniversary of her death quickly approaching, I start to feel it in my body physically. I know it must sound crazy but the first of July every year since her passing has been a physically fucked up time. And until the DAY of the 17th, each day it gets closer, I feel more and more pain, more and more sadness and yet still a glimmer of happiness that she’s happy, where she needs to be… starting all over again with a clean slate.

Whatever your beliefs in this life may you find happiness, peace and love in every day you wake up. Find the silver lining around the damn storm clouds that seem to roll in at specific times of our lives. Seek peace within yourself, find peace with your maker and the surrounding world we live in. Forgive people as often as you can and waste no energy holding a grudge or hatred. Why not spend what time we have on this earth loving, smiling and making the world a better place in any way we can, even if it is just a smile to a person who otherwise would scowel at you and the rest of the world.

There is too much on this earth to smile about, even with the horrible things going on around us. No matter what the situation!!! There is always sunshine after the rain!!!!!! If you’re lucky you get to be directly under the rainbow! Peace!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have you met Captain Keys?

Well, stay tuned because you're about too!

LOVE.... or whatnot

L.O.V.E.- everyone has their own definition of it. To some, there is ONE and only TRUE love. The one your heart searches for from birth. The one that fits you so perfectly in every way that you’ll know the second you make eye contact. Your heart flutters and keeps fluttering for weeks, months and years into a happy marriage and full life together. For others, You go through a trial and error. You love many, some more than others, some not as much as they loved you and finally finding someone that fits better than the ones before and the moment that takes your breath away you realize they were there the whole time. There is of course the reality of it for the rest of us, we do meet and encounter many people in a lifetime. We love many as well. If I sat and wrote out the few people I can honest tell you I LOVED (in a relationship stand point) I could only list in all honesty two that I would no doubt spend my life with, and yet somehow even those haven’t worked out for various reasons and my heart seems to believe that someday it will, but then again, reality sets in occasionally and I realize. And in the end only time will tell.

It is wedding season, and an exciting one at that. Two of my longest, closest friends will be married by the end of this month and it really brings a smile to my face. Maybe not all great loves have categories, because again, by definition we all have a different belife in nearly everything when you get down to the bare bones of it. You can take two people from the same religion, same church same subject and have two totally different opinions at the end of the day. SO with that said, I guess the purpose of this little rant today is that it truly is amazing how the human mind works. The heart, the soul, the mind, body and even spirit when it comes to affairs of the heart… love, sadness, joy, SOUL in general. Do we have a true soul mate? Sometimes I think we have several, each one in a different period of our lives, they come, make their mark and some stay for ages, some go as quickly as they came leaving us with at least a flicker of their character emplanted on ourselves.

The realization that everything happens for a reason seems to be coming more and more clear as I get older. Granted, I’m clawing my way to 30- so I’m of course in the back of my head thinking ‘well, it’s that time of my life……. Time where naturally, no matter how ‘grown up’ and ‘responsible’ you became in your 20’s, it’s like hearing the number 30 brings a sense of urgency to the ‘REST of your LIFE’. NOT by any means am I admitting to this as being old, I find my age and my place in life rather busy, hectic, and yet satisfying no matter how many obsticales come and go. I honestly look forward to the next cross road to see what lies around the corner, it excites me!

My daughter just turned six. Not that any of her past birthdays have been less gratifying, but this year, well…. It was like I AGED. I couldn’t stand there and look at this beautiful brown eyed girl so tall and slender and compare her to the tiny 5lb 15oz baby I brought home six years ago. She is truly amazing in so many ways. I stop some days in a jaw dropping realization that she’s becoming a girl, in a few years a woman and only God knows what lies around the corner for her, all I can do is stand back and watch, trying to steer her in the right direction knowing in the back of my mind, in my heart that she will become the person SHE is meant to become, only molded by life on her way. I’m thankful she’s had such a great, padded and happy life so far, and as a parent only hope this continues where for a lot of us end up with tragic shit forming us in different directions or causing reactions that echo for the rest of our lives. Life is an interesting cycle if you really sit back and look at this moment, right now………… Makes me smile really… the unknowing and the possibilities!

So… LOVE or the definition of can be so many things! The love we feel for those close to us, our friends, family. The love we felt or still feel in some way or form for those who have come and gone in our lives even the ones still here, in and out once in a while – in the end of the day, it is a nice feeling, LOVE to look at those in your life and around you that bring great things, happy thoughts, positive emotion and smiles that define love really……….. it’s all around. So why do we feel so lonely in comparison to those who have the ones they ‘love’ next to them in the morning when they wake up? Why so lonely when we sit and watch the sunset alone. We shouldn’t, not in reality… love is what we make of it. Not what we force it to be! Peace- Love to you all! Cheers!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Merry Month of May

If you were here, standing before me…….. I am no longer sure what I would say to you. These days, of celebration no longer feel worth a party to me, yet I try to continue the way you would have. I try more and more these days to remember the special event for my friends, and what family I have left. I sport a smile, never a gift because I never have money for it anymore. I pretend I’m not thinking of you with celebration and yet still all these years later it still sneaks up on me slowly……. Painfully.

May 1- brings such beauty as every spring, it just feels so much more ALIVE outside on the first of may.

May 2- The dream happens again and again and all I can do is take sleeping pills hoping that with those and meditation the dream wont come but it does.

May 3- I remember seven years ago watching you work on the finishing touches of the farm house, the new siding was glowing white, and it looked beautiful, only a few more panels to be put on. My heart starts to ache as if a mix of anxiety and pain try to attack the now frozen muscle hidden in my chest. We took family pictures that day. The first grandchild you had from your only daughter was growing inside of me and none of us knew. You looked terrible, you were so sick.

May 4- I was working, Adam was with you and papa. You guys had worked all day to finish the house. I was excited to see it! Adam and I lived in Monett and the storms were all over the radio but the sky was clear as we stood out in the driveway grilling steaks watching the darkness move over the north joking about how beautiful it was at our house when the sirens went off. We jumped in the car and took off towards Pierce City when my cell phone rang. It was you, telling us not to come over as planned because the house was shredded and the farm gone. It was the last cell phone conversation anyone in that area would have for a while, I’m still not sure how you got through to me. Against your wishes we tried to get to you….finally parking at the catholic cemetery. I remember the red old navy flip flops I had on slapping against my feet as I ran as fast as I could jumping over fallen trees and live powerlines. Tears running down my face not knowing what I would find when I got to you. When I first saw our town, my home town, the place I urged so much to be away from gone my heart broke and I ran faster. The distruction was horrific. It was probably only a two mile run from our car to your house but when I reached the driveway I couldn’t tell which end was up. The horses were bleeding, the dogs had debris in their hair. You were walking circles while papa made make shift pens for the horses. I stepped on a nail as I ran towards you with my arms reached out, you yelled at me in anger, and fear then we hugged. Looking around at the land that just hours before was pristine and clean, clear and beautiful the house almost new looking now broken down, shattered and filled with glass and insulation. It was the small closet/bathroom that saved you and papa. We were all in shock. That night each of us carried an animal- having to leave the horses of course, as we took our walk into town to check on the other house. I remember thinking to myself ‘this must be what an LA riot looked like back in the 70’s) with the helicopters, spot lights, powerlines snapping in the streets and emergency vehichles everywhere. I don’t remember any sounds, only helicopters echoing through my head. As we walked past the armory we all stood in horror as the building that once was the ‘safe house’ for storms had collapsed on many from our town, and rescue workers were digging to get people out. The building that once stood as a tall fortrice type building now nothing but a pile of bricks and frantic faces.

We arrived at the house on Locust and to our amazement it was unscathed except for one broken window. HOW? When just two blocks down was the worst of the devastation, how did it miss this house? We went in and that is where we stayed, you, me, papa, Adam and the animals……. In the light of a carosine lamp trying to figure out where to go next, trying to joke about the follow day and it’s meaning. Wondering to myself, how I would play the Beatles song with no electric

May 5- Happy Birthday Mom! You turned 47. The day after that tornado literally torn so many lives apart, it was the unhappiest birthday you’d ever had. It was the beginning of the end of the celebration of birthdays all around. May 5 2003- marks the last day I ever cared about a birthday.

A week later we told you we were pregnant, Adam and I. I wasn’t supposed to have children, it felt surreal, it was a great feeling. You were so happy you bragged to your friends.
Happy Grandparents

May 24th- I had a miscarriage. You blamed it on the tornado. I was between six and seven weeks along. It was five am. I had been up off and on all night with cramps, knowing what was coming b/c of my hcg levels. Adam held me all night, he was still asleep when it happened. I did what the doctor said, I picked my child up and sat in the bathroom on the floor in tears and blood. You were the first person I called. What light the pregnancy had brought back to you after your sickness, and the distruction of that tornado went away that day. We cried so hard together, it was your first grand baby, one you would have met before your death that was staring us all in the face anyways. Your frail face held tears until they were streaming so quickly it was as if a dam had busted. That was the day you lost hope.

Jaida at age two - Your angel in the background
However, years have come and passed. As you know Jaida May Worm was born almost exactly a year from the date we lost the first baby. I know it was your gift to me for leaving me just weeks before my own birthday. I know you, and adams dad and God sat and had a meeting, making a decision that would forever reflect both of you when we look into her eyes. She has your spirit, and your heart. She has his bravery and strength. The rest she got from Adam and I but we know every day where she really came from and so even though her birthday is really and truly the only one I celebrate with true happy tears in my eyes, a real smile on my face and hope in my heart. Tomorrow is your birthday Mom, you would be 54 tomorrow. I could crack jokes at your age and pluck grey hairs. I could cook your favorite German Chocolate cake and sing you happy birthday. Jaida would have a card for you, hand written and colored with such care. And so, we will. That is the plan. I’ll see you tomorrow mom. Jaida has flowers she wants to plant on your island, next to your angel that protect your ashes. I will make the cake and papa will oversee the operation. We will have a glasss of wine, or maybe a whole bottle, and I’ll be sure to leave some for you. Jaida asked me the other day if she can leave a piece of cake on your bench so if you got hungry that night you could come eat it (like santa claus). So when you see the single slice of cake at sundown, it’s for you. I’ll be sure to only put one candle on it, so we don’t burn the house down with the what would have been 54 of them. I miss you. I love you. Happy birthday.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Elements of Life

It’s truly amazing to me how quickly our seasons come and go. From brisk air and grey skies, to crisp clean air with a soft warmth to it and blue sunny skies. As all seasons change so do we. Last night I did a kempo work out, followed by meditation and then a long bath. I had opened the windows to my room so the air was whipping the lavender scent of the burning oil around the room as if it were dancing back and fourth. Candles lit, zen music on I stepped slowly into the steaming hot water. I realize, or start to write things in my head the moment I feel the emotion, sometimes not able to put a finger on the emotion I can only describe it like it went through my minds eye:

Tuesday March 31, 2010:

Four elements make up this universe no matter how you argue the point. My body, here on earth, of earth yet born in the fire sign. The water begins to cover me slowly until my entire body is submerged, surrounded by it, nearly worshiping it and it’s soothing qualities. Windows throughout the house let in the air, the soft warm sweet smelling spring air which causes the flames on the lit candles to dance in unison. I sink to the bottom as far as I can with only my mouth and nose sticking out of the water and just breath. I hear my heart beat, I hear the echo of the music as it softly sweeps through the stubborn blockage of the water to my ears. Most of all, I hear my breath. My lungs slowly expanding deeper and deeper with each breath, I hold counting slowly and exhale to the count of 8. By the time I do this about four or five times, I can be anywhere. My mind is open and ready for discovery, willing to see or feel whatever enters my mind but the beauty is, nothing comes. It is truly a moment of blissful silence in which my soul feels it has escaped the reality of the elements surrounding me.

As I exit the steam of the bath, the air seems to rush in faster, harder yet picking up in a subtle way as if not to be noticed. Drying me without even using the towel except to cover my hair. The room is dim, still lit by only candles, the soft sound of the water draining from the tub and the lavender still swirling around the room along with the air is magnificent. As I sat down at the foot of my bed, so relaxed I wasn’t sure I could walk even that far my earthly thoughts began to slowly come back to mind……… what if……… I wonder what……. How am I going to…… I hope…. I think….. I believe…..I feel………..and sadness came to me for a moment. all of these questions in my head, each thought leading to the other and so on, as if someone had just knocked down a house of cards or a line of dominos, one lead to the other until there was nothing left but a pile, flat and lifeless. And I had, literally fallen back onto my bed and began to breath again, slowly pushing each thought from my mind until it too was as weak and lifeless as the body in which it rests. PEACE

McGill "Lily" Nancy
 (if you know the beatles at all you'll understand this one)

I woke up to silly Lily wanting to go potty, she’s the new puppy we’ve had for a month now, she’s wonderful and very smart. I stumbled around in the still dimly lite night looking for the light switch to the deck to let her out, blowing candles out around my room and couldn’t help but be thankful I’d woken up and not burnt my house down, imagine the irony…. Fire dies by Fire. Very few will understand that, but then again, only fire understands fire truly. Just like every other element…… we at least have the common element of our birth to hold us together.

I slept like I was in a coma, maybe I was after the mental purging of ugly nasty things that have gathered up through the past months finally gone and out for the air to take away and replace with pure clean thoughts and emotion. This day has been filled with the whispering of the trees, sun glowing through the windows, and feelings that not even I can explain, sometimes, even I keep my emotions to myself……. Really! Even those in my daily life know only half of my feelings or thoughts possibly even the depth to which they run through each small aspect of my life which amounts to one huge dynamic of events moving in different directions actually affects me inside. I share what I want, when I want, with whom I want to share with. Somehow the blog is the one place I feel like I can share and know that it’s my place to do it. You came here to read it, if you continued you chose too. I thank you for that. For listening to understanding or at least trying to understand such small things in my life, like my night last night, explained in the detail in which I felt it. Utterly Beautiful.

My day is done, I sit in the near silence of the house with nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees out the window sipping a wine spritzer preparing myself for another evening of a house filled with so much life, and yet when just one little girl is missing, feels as if it's empty completly.

I hope your day was peaceful, all that you wanted and worked at making it become. May your dreams wake you in peace as well and follow you throughout the day tomorrow.

Love, Luck and Peace.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Want to Win???

Has it ever mattered WHAT you win? Isn't it just the feeling, you know like when you have bidding wars on ebay, it's the sheer fact you just won a pair of used socks for 5 dollars.... it doesn't matter what you do with them... you WON!

NO in all seriousness, want to take a chance to win something super cool? I do, i'll be entering for sure. No hooks, lines, fees... notta. Just click on this link- look around.... I'll be posting and adding more thoughts.... but meanwhile if you're bored on your lunch break, looking to buy your sweetie a special something, or hell, lets be honest..... go get yourself a treat for once......... go here:
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My Travel to Texas, and everything in between

Just as I sit here in my living room, as chliche as it may sound.... the fire place on high, clasiscal music lighting up the rest of the house, with my laptop finally in hand, where i'ts needed to be for sometime now. I have so much to express and stories to tell, i feel as if i might take the rest of my life to tell you what i've already encounterd.

I just got back from getting my tattoos (two of them) touched up. Stella, a girl I met while she was working as a bartender (in now one of my favorite places) has a tattoo shop called the Abyss. Anyways she brightened up my right foot, and added some shading to bring out the color - this is the memorial for my mom. The lotus on my wrist just a few added colors to deepen a few things.

The pain of a tattoo is not like any other pain i've felt in this lifetime so far. Depending on the location of course, you have a different sensation for each part of the tattoo, the outline then the shading and coloring. The coloring is the worst, in my opinion, yet somehow a deep and satisfying pain. To put your mind out of what is going on, to look down and see a piece of art that literally means something to you as a person, who you are and what you're made of. Not everyone needs a reminder, but not everyone enjoys all art. I'll post pictures soon of the new fresh look- i'm loving it.

The days are beginning to shine a little brighter, literally. Like February is almost over, we are just to the summit before we start the long journey down the mountain into spring. The best time of year is approaching and i couldn't be happier. with each three grey skies, comes a full sunny bright blue day now, and they grow closer together than ever.

I had the pleasure of taking Jaida Texas recently to see her Family. Grandma and Grandpa Hill- and who could forget......... the sweet aunts willing to spoil her rotten! We had a wonderful time. Jaida really had a blast. Here are a few pictures for you - Enjoy!

This is Jaidas ball toss, they had activities for the kids. It was a very nice BBQ/PIG roast and family oriented memorial for one of their friends. Everyone had a great time. I got to see people that haven't seen me since i was younger. I was born in Nacogdoches- I still enjoy the time i have when i go back and it's great to take my daughter to places and meet people that i knew when i was her age. She didn't win, but she was a good sport and had a great time doing it.

This is Jaida with her Grandpa Hill. She was proud to get a Gypsy Tshirt and be a part of the club. Her grandpa made sure she got what she wanted, at all times.... of course.

Here we have Jaida posing with a beautiful antique bike made in England, since we are fans of the country and the musical talent it has produced over the years, we proudly took this picture as the bike owner smiled on.

This is Grandma Pam and Aunt Jessica at the Harley shop in Nac. Somehow we managed to get out of TX without a picture of Jaida with Jodie. Congratulations to you and Chris on your engagement, i cannot wait to see my own little sister married. He's a Good guy too!

The picture you see to the right, is the initial meeting of three brilliant minds. As you can see, the eyes are on fire with mischeif once Sophie, Jaida and Cori finally got to meet after all this time... and the game was on, in IHOP. They had a great time together.

I however got to also see my long lost brothers.... or two of them at least and of course Tessa, Clays wife. She's a doll. I've known her half as long as i've known them... it's nice. it's been seven years since I saw Clay or Victor, and it was a wonderful reunion!

Me and Clay, Three years or four? younger than me yet always bigger!

This would be Tessa and I (Clay's Wife) Shes such a sweetheart and wonderful mother. It was so great to finally hang out afterr so long.

This of course is Victor- Last time i saw him in person he was only as high as my hip, mean as shit and yet still a sweetie. They really feed those Texas boys! I was scared to ask if they had sushi, because i'm pretty sure a mudbug is the closest thing you'll find to sushi in East TX, and people, i'm here to tell you... this is alright with me!

This is Wes, Me, Clayton and Tessa- Good times Ya'll!~

So the AMAZING superbowl party, went off without a hitch..I found out an hour after the game was over who won and celebrated my own little version of celebratoin for the saints, who truly deserved to win.... by eating a few mudbugs in the hotest cajun sauce i'vef had since going to actual Mardi Gras.

Many Friends seen on the way, not nearly enough pictures of them, that just means lots of socializing and catching up. I think i'll be having a TX visitor in a few weeks... I sure hope my small excentric town of Eureka can sustain his designer wearing Texas slang and cowboy boots! Guess we'll be putting you to the Test Mr. Hannah

And, one more for the ROAD- Until next time boys................

You've always been my brothers, even if i haven't seen you in over seven years. I can't wait to see Levi and Evan again, all in good time. And, as you can tell............... good times......... had by all............. Victor... really? the tongue ring? Those are so 90's! :) tee hee

peace love and cheers my friends..... PROMISE i'll have more for you than later................ probly tomorrow. :) much love.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 2010

Here we are again, one more year of disapointment in the Cowboys. My love will forever be to that team but after watching them get their asses handed  to them by the Vickings, I am glad the season is over and i can now sit back and watch the frantic fans of the Saints and Vicking sweat bullets not really caring who wins beyond this point.

Another weekend gone and it's already a New Year- Where does  time go anymore? Feels like yesterday was summer, and here i sit in grey winter skies with a dull painful light from the sun trying to hard as ever to burn through the clouds that leark here to remind us of the season.

My New Year was great- the evening and really the first few weeks have been MORE than interesting with having a fender bender in the ice, buying a new car and numerous other ventures that seem to pop up and disapear in the same breath. These months grow stagnent on me, i find myself looking out the window not really caring if i even go outside for lack of energy and sunshine. No wonder we pack on the 'winter weight' HA. not much to do - especially after football season but to just cook, and eat and then cook more because well.... it passes the time happily. Here are a few shots from the NYE:

My new best friend that night- I cannot remember her name but her and her husband were so much fun and really a good 'poster child' for marriage. It was a blast.

KD, and Katie

Lovin Life.

YES they are REAL $2.00 bills- strange isn't it! :P)

So in the memory of the New Year Cheers to you all, hope it was a good one!

Inevidability of Life

As I sat there under the heat lamp, getting highlights put in my hair I had no choice but to witness the ineveidable signs of age. There in the chair next to me sat an old man. He was there with his daughter, who was much older than my parents, so I can only imagine how old this gentleman was. As they shuffled him slowly to cut his hair in the typical military hair cut “high and tight”, they shuffled him back sitting him slowly next to me. I pretended to be into conversation on my phone via text, in reality I was observing every inch of this miraculous human.

He sat quietly, unable to hear well obviously. His eyes looked sad, likely from seeing most everyone in his life pass before him and his hands shook in horrid trembles. He was aged, but not as you see people age today, this was age of a man who had worked hard his entire life. Obviously, not just because of the hair, but the stature of which he tried to sit, he’d been in the military and served our country so that people like me could have the comfort of ‘getting our hair done’ like it was the best thing to happen to us in weeks. It opened my eyes the more I looked the man, his hands were aged that of a man who worked hard with them his whole life, his cheeks soft with deep wrinkles and soft pale tint. The hands would stop shaking just long enough for me to see the blood veins bulging out and scars from years of work. His eyes were brown, deep and dark and when he looked at me, I knew I was busted. He caught me, staring at his age. I kept trying to look away, wondering what was going through his mind as he stared so silently out the window watching passing cars. I wondered what he thought of when all he could seem to hear was the blurred sound of voices speaking in the background.

He glanced down at my shoes, no doubt wondering what the hell the ‘kids were wearing these days’ me, sporting one of my favorite Ed Hardy’s, shiny black with 40’s tattoos style designs and huge fake diamonds as the bling instead of laces. His eyes lightened up as he smiled a little, looking back at my face I couldn’t help but smile too. In that second he looked young again, the sparkle in his eye, no dobut from entertainment of the fashion I was sporting and for one second it seemed like we were in the same mind frame. It wasn’t long after he giggled that his young, yet still very aged daughter seemingly irritated with his disposition pulled him from his seat and shuffled him to the car. I couldn’t help but stare even as they drove away. Here I sat hoping that in my old age, my daughter would care for me like that, or maybe I would get lucky and not live to need cared for.

As I paid for my highlights, it was pointed out to me that I had a flat tire. I couldn’t help but laugh, the only tires on my new car that i didn’t replace…. Of course they were flat. So as I sat giggling at my tire situation and the fact the only ride I had was my ex husband – or baby daddy  to come rescue me I couldn’t help but be thankful for the chance meeting and shared smile between myself and the old man. I wanted to cry watching his movements until I saw his eyes looking directly into mine and I knew that even a flat tire wouldn’t be the worst of my worries. I just needed to put my faith in a better spot. So I did. I sit here back at work, smiling, my daughter watching a movie next to me here in the office while my poor father is out in the weather fixing my flat. I’m so lucky to have the people in my life that I have. The ones I hear from often, and the ones I never see. The ones that I’ll someday have to care for and the ones that will care for me. What a beautiful day. I hope you’re all warm in your lives with smiles on your hearts. Peace.