Thursday, February 18, 2010

Want to Win???

Has it ever mattered WHAT you win? Isn't it just the feeling, you know like when you have bidding wars on ebay, it's the sheer fact you just won a pair of used socks for 5 dollars.... it doesn't matter what you do with them... you WON!

NO in all seriousness, want to take a chance to win something super cool? I do, i'll be entering for sure. No hooks, lines, fees... notta. Just click on this link- look around.... I'll be posting and adding more thoughts.... but meanwhile if you're bored on your lunch break, looking to buy your sweetie a special something, or hell, lets be honest..... go get yourself a treat for once......... go here:
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I think you'll be happy! comment back, let me know what you think!

My Travel to Texas, and everything in between

Just as I sit here in my living room, as chliche as it may sound.... the fire place on high, clasiscal music lighting up the rest of the house, with my laptop finally in hand, where i'ts needed to be for sometime now. I have so much to express and stories to tell, i feel as if i might take the rest of my life to tell you what i've already encounterd.

I just got back from getting my tattoos (two of them) touched up. Stella, a girl I met while she was working as a bartender (in now one of my favorite places) has a tattoo shop called the Abyss. Anyways she brightened up my right foot, and added some shading to bring out the color - this is the memorial for my mom. The lotus on my wrist just a few added colors to deepen a few things.

The pain of a tattoo is not like any other pain i've felt in this lifetime so far. Depending on the location of course, you have a different sensation for each part of the tattoo, the outline then the shading and coloring. The coloring is the worst, in my opinion, yet somehow a deep and satisfying pain. To put your mind out of what is going on, to look down and see a piece of art that literally means something to you as a person, who you are and what you're made of. Not everyone needs a reminder, but not everyone enjoys all art. I'll post pictures soon of the new fresh look- i'm loving it.

The days are beginning to shine a little brighter, literally. Like February is almost over, we are just to the summit before we start the long journey down the mountain into spring. The best time of year is approaching and i couldn't be happier. with each three grey skies, comes a full sunny bright blue day now, and they grow closer together than ever.

I had the pleasure of taking Jaida Texas recently to see her Family. Grandma and Grandpa Hill- and who could forget......... the sweet aunts willing to spoil her rotten! We had a wonderful time. Jaida really had a blast. Here are a few pictures for you - Enjoy!

This is Jaidas ball toss, they had activities for the kids. It was a very nice BBQ/PIG roast and family oriented memorial for one of their friends. Everyone had a great time. I got to see people that haven't seen me since i was younger. I was born in Nacogdoches- I still enjoy the time i have when i go back and it's great to take my daughter to places and meet people that i knew when i was her age. She didn't win, but she was a good sport and had a great time doing it.

This is Jaida with her Grandpa Hill. She was proud to get a Gypsy Tshirt and be a part of the club. Her grandpa made sure she got what she wanted, at all times.... of course.

Here we have Jaida posing with a beautiful antique bike made in England, since we are fans of the country and the musical talent it has produced over the years, we proudly took this picture as the bike owner smiled on.

This is Grandma Pam and Aunt Jessica at the Harley shop in Nac. Somehow we managed to get out of TX without a picture of Jaida with Jodie. Congratulations to you and Chris on your engagement, i cannot wait to see my own little sister married. He's a Good guy too!

The picture you see to the right, is the initial meeting of three brilliant minds. As you can see, the eyes are on fire with mischeif once Sophie, Jaida and Cori finally got to meet after all this time... and the game was on, in IHOP. They had a great time together.

I however got to also see my long lost brothers.... or two of them at least and of course Tessa, Clays wife. She's a doll. I've known her half as long as i've known them... it's nice. it's been seven years since I saw Clay or Victor, and it was a wonderful reunion!

Me and Clay, Three years or four? younger than me yet always bigger!

This would be Tessa and I (Clay's Wife) Shes such a sweetheart and wonderful mother. It was so great to finally hang out afterr so long.

This of course is Victor- Last time i saw him in person he was only as high as my hip, mean as shit and yet still a sweetie. They really feed those Texas boys! I was scared to ask if they had sushi, because i'm pretty sure a mudbug is the closest thing you'll find to sushi in East TX, and people, i'm here to tell you... this is alright with me!

This is Wes, Me, Clayton and Tessa- Good times Ya'll!~

So the AMAZING superbowl party, went off without a hitch..I found out an hour after the game was over who won and celebrated my own little version of celebratoin for the saints, who truly deserved to win.... by eating a few mudbugs in the hotest cajun sauce i'vef had since going to actual Mardi Gras.

Many Friends seen on the way, not nearly enough pictures of them, that just means lots of socializing and catching up. I think i'll be having a TX visitor in a few weeks... I sure hope my small excentric town of Eureka can sustain his designer wearing Texas slang and cowboy boots! Guess we'll be putting you to the Test Mr. Hannah

And, one more for the ROAD- Until next time boys................

You've always been my brothers, even if i haven't seen you in over seven years. I can't wait to see Levi and Evan again, all in good time. And, as you can tell............... good times......... had by all............. Victor... really? the tongue ring? Those are so 90's! :) tee hee

peace love and cheers my friends..... PROMISE i'll have more for you than later................ probly tomorrow. :) much love.