Friday, February 7, 2014

Day Dreams

I want to wake up tomorrow
with all of my problems solved
a smile on my face
and the pain truly resolved
The sun coming up
on a bright spring day
a soft rain to wash
all of yesterday away
Toes in the sand
and sun on my skin
drink in my hand
oh, this peaceful place I'm in
Nothing but ocean
Kissing the shore
here in this place
who could ever want more?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Broken, shattered and laying on the floor
Crawling, scratching, reaching for the door
I forgot why I am in this place, or where I was before
Until you put your face to mine and asked me for just one more.

Giving isn’t easy and trusting isn’t safe
But that’s what got me here in the first place
Questioning events, conversations and friends
Searching for the answers to make these amends

I find nothing when I look for you
Nothing but an empty space
Your presence still lingers too,
When I look to the mirror, sometimes I see your face

What is real and what is fake?
Is the life we live the life we chose to make?
What exactly is the purpose of love, the emotion?
It makes as much sense as a rain drop to the ocean

But picking back up and carrying on
That’s how I was raised and so I shall be gone
To discover my purpose and live to my potential
Hoping along the way I find passion torrential

Fake smiles become real
And the numb eventually allows me to feel
The laughter comes back with time
And I know eventually I’ll be just fine.