Friday, May 29, 2009

Fridays Fortune

One quick correction- after my friend Nikie pointed out to me that the picture in the previous post is not a doe, but a buck (look close for the 'buttons') everything made perfect sense! We had our 'moment', simply because well.... Bambi.... Buck... it just goes hand and hand! My short lived love affair with the DEER was ended suddenly because of my dogs, damn dogs! ANYWAYS.............

It's finally Friday- and THANK GOD for that right? I have my favorite summer dress on, waiting for my dad and Jaida to get here so we can go listen to some live tunes in this wonderful town of ours. I managed to get a lot more sun today- which is a super good thing, considering i am wearing a dress. I wouldn't want people not wearing sunglasses to catch on fire when they look at my legs. :) Have a firey weekend peeps!

Thursday, Thursday.........

.... was my beautiful daughter Jaidas birthday. She turned five on May 28th- yes, i said it... FIVE. It is weird to look into the eyes of your child who can literally out talk nearly every person in their life... including grandparents (this is NOT a put down to the kid.... it's sheer amazement of her knowledge at her age) Since I can remember, every year on my birthday, my mom would wake me up to the Beatles Birthday song, along with my favorite cake. I started this tradition with Jaida right out of the gate, because well.... it has to live on in our family! I didn't get a chance to play the White Album yesterday, because I had left it in the office so I just sang it to her- which caused her to wake up nearly laughing with tears (poor kid needs a hearing aid now) I got up super early to be sure i had a fresh cupcake for her- I couldn't find any candles so I used her favorite 'storm' candle and this is what she saw when she woke up.

She was excited to make her first wish as a 'big girl' and even went as far as to TRY and tell me what it was she wished for.........but we put a stop to that. We all know wishes dont come true if we tell what the wish is!

She didn't eat much of the cupcake, which is fine with me.... it took her a little bit to really wake up, surprisingly even after i SANG. The dogs gave her snuggies and we sat around talking about what she wanted for her birthday (her party is Saturday) and who might be there and such.

Scamps is always up for a good conversation, bad breath and all. Jaida even tried to give him some of her cupcake to 'sweeten' his breath, but he wouldn't take it :)

We got all dressed up, and fixed her hair. Headed off to meet her daddy for his part of her birthday. She was so excited to go to Chuck E Cheese, as a big girl for the first time.

After I dropped her off with her dad, i finished the day in the office. It was a highly productive day, even with ghosts everywhere I turned. I got home last night and began wrapping what I could afford for Jaida's birthday presents when I heard the dogs growling at something as if they were going to 'eat' it. I glanced out the front door and saw her:

She stood there, such grace and elegance. Each time a dog would bark her muscles would tighten and her ears purk up. Slowly, she would let her gaurd down and begin to take a step, and freeze again, as soon as the dogs would alarm. I stood there, camera in hand taking pictures through the glass of the front door. Every window in the house was open and I know she heard me speak, as she looked confused when I would signal for the dogs to quiet up. It was almost, as if when i looked through the lense, she was looking right back at me, with a kind and almost magical sparkle in her eyes:

We stared back and fourth at one another in a silent conversation that would go on for what seemed like forever. Finally the dogs began again and this time she decided to hide: (giggle giggle- you can't see her... can you?)

Didn't think so!~ :) She finally walked off, joining the other 3-4 family members that linger in the bushes, but it was our moment- Bambi and Doe- funny huh? I thought it was magnificant!

As I sit here breathing in the calm of the day- the beauty that is and the things to come, I can't help but be thankful for all that my life holds. I can't wait to take Jaida into town for the free music in the park, introduce her to REAL Blues music, live and buy her a sucker the size of her head as her birthday treat. Then we'll come home, finish cupcakes for her party tomorrow and snuggle up before bed to a good movie. Whatever the weekend has in store for you my friends, I hope it is a fabulous one in deed. May the sun kiss your face in a soft and warming manner, the rain drops cool your lips with the kindest of motion and the wind blow your hair from your site. Time flys- especially when it comes to children. I wish someone had warned me so long ago that it would be overnight and she would be starting school. Maybe they did, maybe i didn't listen? In any case.... I'm stuck here, in this happiness of watching a beautiful young girl grow up, and sadness of seeing my baby become a girl. *sniff sniff* I am going to sit in the sun for a moment and recharge. I hope you have a safe and happy weekend my friends. Go find some live music and let it feed your soul! Cheers

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whimsical Wednesday

The grey has been coming for some time now. I could see it slowly creeping up behind the trees as if to make a surprise entrance. You can smell it, long before it gets here. The wind picks up with a crisp wet feeling and sweeps through the trees ever so softly. It begins as a whisper, far away, moving slowly in my direction, the breeze grows cooler and cooler, the smell grows sweeter and sweeter until finally, it is here.

I step out into it, calmly, patiently. I take one step at a time until my feet grow damp and cool. I feel the soft drops landing on the tops of my feet, dancing and tickling them until I smile. I take another step and begin to feel the cool drops spatter on my hands, then up my arms and finally on my shoulders and chest. I breath in as deep as I can, trying to embrace this moment, this feeling and this smell ... this NOW... I begin to laugh under my breath. Finally I step out from under the awning, the drops moving from my chin, then softly caressing my lips, up over my cheek bones and finally to my eyes. I lean my head backwards, my nose to the sky, my eyes closed tightly as the drops land, and roll down my lips into my mouth. I can taste the sweetness of summer. This is it, on the verge of seasons.... the cool fresh air followed by the sweet taste of rain through the trees, it brings a clean, refreshed and beautiful aura to the day.

As my hair begins to soak, and water runs down the side of my face my entire body has embraced the beauty of natures seasons with all senses. I hear the rain, so soothing it could put a baby to sleep. I hear the breeze, dancing back and fourth with the leaves of the trees and making an orchastra of natural symphony. I smell the sweetness of the air, such a wonderful mixture of so many beautiful things nature has created and last there is taste- with my tongue sticking out of my mouth, my eyes closed and my head tilted back just so. I have steped into my senses with every cell in my body. I have fallen in love, yet again with the weather and the unending glory it brings us. Sheer Beauty!

Wherever you are my friends, I hope you can feel the sweet softness of spring as it lingers and the warm sensuatlity of summer as it patiently waits behind the door. Make something special with someone today! Jaida and I made bannana bread last night, it was a blast! AND it turned out great!! Tonight we'll be making some cupcakes, her birthday is tomorrow and i want to wake her up the same way my mom always did me. Beatles Birthday Song and my favorite kind of cake! Some traditions, even if copied, down played, or disregarded by others will always and forever be YOUR OWN, no matter how hard people try. Have a fantastic evening everyone. Cheers! Hugs!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here They Are- The Pictures You've Been Waiting For:

I took these as I drove by a few weeks ago. As you can see the "Presidential Treason" is on one side, the one side I couldn't get was the side that said something about Obama. I find this interesting in so many ways. ONE- believe it or not this car actually RUNS. Yes, I've seen it driven around. TWO- the man who owns this car is a goat herder (NO peeps, you can't make this shit up!) THREE- he put balls in it!?!?! VERY Interesting I say, VERY! So here is another great view of the...............balls.........

SO...... there you have it my friends. THE CAR of NW ARKANSAS. I was thinking, should I paint a glittery butthole on the back of the short bus and put MCAIN on the front? NAH, then my car will have a heart attack and die, and well.... she's too young for that! :) I hope you all had a super Holiday weekend! Mine was uber relaxing and I am still sleepy from sleeping! Have a fantastic day! Cheers!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Yo Yo Yiggity Yo! (one of my favorite lines, from my favorite movie of all times...... JUNO) It's finally FRIDAY, and not just any Friday, the one before a long weekend (whooooot!) I finally got my hair cut and kids, I love it! Sometimes it's better to tell your hairdresser "Just do whatever, you can't mess it up" because truth is, they know better than you............really!

It's a beautiful 80' degrees outside, the only clouds in site are the huge puffy ones that look like a harmless cotton ball floating around and the lake is calling my name! (holding hand to ear) Not before I look up our old friends (ok, not so old) Honky Suckle tonight while Nikie is in town and see about a backyard shin-dig. (in the best possible ARKANSAS voice I can muster)

I just got done scarfing down ham and beans along with cheeseburger soup (we all love hot things on hot days... right?) just before i go take my health/blood screen for work. I mean, they told me to fast for 8 hours, but seriously folks... me, fast for 8 hours............. (crickets**) RIIIIGHT. I made it for about 5hours (while sleeping) and started getting sick to my stomach so screw that noise! This chica needs cheese!!!

I dont know what your plans are for the Memorial Day Weekend, but whatever it is, be good, be safe and dammit.... let the sun kiss your face! Cheers!!!

CRAP- Things that make me smile-Thursday (only, a day late)

MORNIN' FOLKS- I wanted to post that damn picture I told you all about weeks ago. You know, the dude that has the car all decked out with "Presidential Treason" and all kinds of trash on it... (which it now has balls...wait until you see this) anyways........ I am in the office today and forgot my camera so it will just be a random post next week- What's new, right?

Things that make me laugh/smile:
  • Laugh- The Presidential Car- (i promise i'll show you this next week)
  • Smile- Nikie is coming to hang out in Eureka tonight! Whooo Hoooo! The two of us havent' hung out just US in years!
  • Laugh- My hair, when it gets longer than two inches.... it's like Fragle Hair or the Muppets... whatever!
  • Smile- Pay DAY!
  • Laugh- Thinking about my daughters upcoming bday and how big she is for just now turning 5! Too damn cute!
  • Smile- Logging in and seeing more followers! YAY

Have a super day!~:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

You're a Dog Person- Not a Cat Person

Ok, so the above statement was true- might still be a 'tad' true. Somehow, Keane (the adopted one year old Black Panther of a Cat) has managed to make his way into our hearts - and home of course. If you read much of this blog at all, you know by now that we have a number of animals around our house (outside) that seem to make me feel like Elly May Clampet some days but at the same time, i enjoy them being here.........................until the Coons tip over my trash can, the Opossum scares the shit out of me by hissing under the porch and the Crows wake us up on Saturday morning (much earlier than I would like)

With that being said... I still dont mind the animals and it is just part of living in what i call 'Heaven on Earth' so - whatever. Keane.. is exactly what I was hoping for....... a hunter. However, he's become a serial killer of sorts and has manged to if not kill, mangle several animals/reptiles around the house. (outside of the house people........... )

So the story begins yesterday afternoon. Jaida and I were preparing to head to town and meet Jenni and the boys for a walk around town. Jaida is such a good helper with the animals, I had asked her to let the cat in, and she did. Not noticing until he dropped it on the floor... in the dinning room that Keane had not only brought himself in, but a skink as well! For those of you who are not up to date with the 'lizard lingo' here is a picture of the little buga:

OK OK- in all fairness... this isn't the actual 'skink' that Keane brought into us, and thank god. After I saw what the cat had proudly dropped in the floor, I began screaming uncontrollably, which caused Jaida to scream and jump on the couch. The cat, laid down in the floor, closed his eyes and began purring with pride as the lizard, whom had lost his tail, tried to scamper away. Now, apparently these lizards can lose their tail at the drop of a CAT (Raff out Roud) and grow another one. So here this thing is....... basically slithering around the floor, if he had ears before (yes peeps i know reptiles dont have ears) they were bleeding by now because the screams between Jaida and I had to have caused hearing loss in anything within feet of the house. It took me a good 3 minutes to calm down and rationalize about what to do here. After running what seemed like 50 circles in the kitchen trying to decide what to grab the lizard with, I had settled on paper towels. I wadded them up (imagining this little thing biting onto my finger) i had to be sure to pad my hand well. I picked the poor thing up, and threw him out the front door, slamming it quickly behind him. Once i realized what I had done, i felt a bit bad. I mean not only had my cat caused the poor thing to lose his tail (which by the way was crawling around the porch rug....... by itself!!!!) but between my daughter and I it had to be freaked out from our screams... then to top off the horrible day it was having, i threw it 50 feet onto concrete.
If it had been a chipmunk, or... well anything else I would have likely taken it to the vet and NOT freaked out so much.... but i'm NOT a reptile person. I got the cat because i'm SO scared of snakes, that I am praying he kills every single one he finds................. and leaves it where he finds it. So as you can imagine, now i'm just WAITING for my wonderful panther cat to a beloved cotton mouth snake into my house- THEN WHAT? Oh wait, i'll call Jenni... she's a freak and plays with snakes! Problem Solved!
So, maybe I am a dog person at heart. I know this! They give love willingly, they always look happy (ok most of them) and they know just how to make you feel better when you have a bad day. Cats- MOST of them... look a bit pissed at all times, dont come when you call them, and pretty much do their own thing........... they own you! keane is different because he doesn't look pissed, he never gets mad when you pet him for a prolonged amount of time and he does come when called.......... pretty much every time. So he's the exception to the rule and has now made me a cat lover.
it's been a superfabulous day my friends. eBay has become my second job and it's a pleasure really. I hope you all have a great day as well. Chasing lizard tails, laying in the sun, listening to the rain, or heading up the slopes (wait, i think they're closed now??) in any case. Peace out My Friends!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Get By With a Little Help...........


Now that I have that beautiful song stuck on replay in your head,I'd like to apologize for leaving you hanging the past two days. The 'Tick' bite left me rather emotionally drained of any creative thoughts for writing or even witty come backs to defend myself. After my two days in my 'shell' I've emerged with a bit of help from the sun (i love laying out on lunch breaks) and of course a few good friends who stand behind me and cheer me on, then remind me of stories like this:

As you know, Jenni moved to Eureka with me. It's fitting really, her pink hair doesn't stand out as much here. In fact, she hardly gets a second look in the way of weird... as compared to the generic come and go of the office life. The kiddo and I were at her apartment the other day. Jaida has found a few new friends, and loves to hang out with them. It's nice, since the streets are so close together, the kids can be watching tv in the living room or playing in the yard and they are only 10 feet away max, no matter where they are. While the kids were off playing swords in the back yard, Jenni and I sat in the front conversing with her neighbors. One of them, whom is her landlords son. After a brief discussion about reality tv shows (no offense to those who watch them.... Hells Kitchen makes me hungry and want to crawl in the corner and cry when he yells- Bachelor/Bachelorette: make me wonder what the HELL is wrong with them for thinking they actually might find love on TV of all places- Survivor was good- the first two seasons, it's pretty much a reply of the same cat fights and man power on every episode so i find it dull and meaningless) But as the two of us sat outside the the beautiful crisp afternoon, I heard something that shouldn't have been funny at all. But It was .... and I can't stop thinking about it.

The landlords son, we shall call him 'J' for this story, is a bit of an odd person. He's not tall, but gangly as if he stood near 7 feet tall. His hair is a natural blonde, almost transparent and not long in the sexy Johnny Depp way, but long in the way that it is beginning to look somewhat like a helmet from Star Wars. He has a very large gap between his front teeth (hey, i'm not knockin this... i had the same problem until i was about 17) but it's almost as if he could whistle through it if he tried (who knows, maybe he can) He wears very thick eye glasses with a thin wire frame, which over all his appearance makes him 'look' like the unibomber (minus the beard) which is sort of creepy in a way, considering his knowledge of bombs (from what we hear... it could be hear say, who knows.... in any case, we'll be sure to stay on his good side) To give you an idea of the kind of person he appears to be, seemingly creepy yet kind hearted.. when Jenni found a black widow spider behind her couch, he captured it for her.......... then turned it lose in the woods!!!! See, it's kind of a mix of kind hearted vs. a little tooooooo much.

I digress- As we sat out on the concrete steps listening to the kids play, there was a handful of people around. One of them being "J". after the conversation about TV and Relity Shows, he made sure to let us know he had a reality show of his own in mind, that would of course, catch the audience's attention. "Who Wants To Win A Kidney!" NOW, before you start sending me hate mail because your aunt is on a waiting list, hear me out. As always, i'm not here to piss anyone off, or hurt anyones feelings, this is my blog, my diary, even if it is public and i feed off the comments i get from you guys- so feel free to cut lose if you must ............but think about it.

In a world like ours, when a car wreck becomes something of a tourist site on the interstate when you pass, we live for shows where the models starve themselves and pass out on camera while getting yelled at by Tyra (poor girls! I did love the one episode i watched of it) The heavier people are forced to sweat to the oldies next too two very young, very in shape and attractive people only to stand in front of the cameras and cry because they were 'kicked off' for only losing 2 pounds (i'm sorry, but I watched it... .I cried both times... i'm done with it) and people like me find themselves reading for hours on well, frankly this idea isn't totally out of line.

I mean really. We do weird things to be on tv... Americans I mean... we even go so far as to totally humiliate ourselves on camera 'attempting' to sing the star spangled banner, only hoping we were worse then the next person so we can be put down by Simon Cowel on national television. So when you stop to think about 6 people competing for a Kidney- well it's really not so bad after all is it? Not really, I would give a kidney and i would be willing to bet the losers would walk away with some kind of consolation prize. "We're sorry you didn't win the kidney Mr. Jones, but instead, you walk AWAY WITH.................... A BRAND NEW ESCALADE" I mean seriously? Are you going to be pissed about losing the kidney? NO, you're gonna stroll away in your pimped out caddy and know that your family will love you for who you are and what you won for them!

Back to realty: Life is KIND of like the Reality TV shows.... we have lots of heartache, we cry when someone chooses us over someone else in a relationship, we feel let down when our diet goals aren't met, of course we all want to be the 'Top Model', or not get voted off survivor for being a cut throat douche bag. The sad reality of LIFE IS.... no camera, no editing of scenes, no airbrush, nobody to make us work out to the oldies, nobody to blame but ourselves.

I couldn't ask for a better day my friends. Sun is shining, not ONE cloud in the sky and the breeze still has a bit of 'slight' chill to it. Summer is just around the corner and I know I couldn't be happier about it. The past two days have left me in somewhat of an emotional cave, I can't keep my head from spinning and my brain from over thinking, so please forgive me if you were offended by todays' post. I had to let the sadistic smart ass side of myself shine just once..... and maybe she's here to stay? In any case, I'm smiling again, refuse to let one little tick bite wear me down when there is so much to be done and said. I hope you're all out enjoying this day.... and looking forward to the long wonderful Holiday Weekend that lays ahead. Cheers!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Blood Suckers!

No my friends, I am not speaking of vampires, in fact those characters I find intriguing. I'm talking about blood sucking pointless creatures on earth. Of course here in the Central US we have a lot of trees, therefore insects that come with them... it's a real joy lemme tell ya! Well if you dont know what a tick is- they basically find a host, much like a mosquito, only they dig in and stay there until they are full, then they die. Much can be said to the same aspect of some people in the world doing, being and acting the exact same way... only instead of blood, they simply suck your energy by negative and horrible actions. In any case- Here is an insect blood sucking tick:

As you can see, they are not only ugly, but tiny and these little shits can stick to anything! I swear they smell your human blood and leap from the trees with their little claws out ready to get you. Sadly they are difficult to find, until they are already dug into your skin causing you to scratch until the first layer of skin is irritated. After you pick them off (and burn them because much like any other blood sucking creature you would see in the movies, these bitches are indestructible unless burnt) your skin is red, and the place you got bit grows hard underneath and the spot stays red, and itchy and then you continue to feel as if you have them all over you just because you found one, and are so repulsed by the damn things that your hair begins to crawl.

Yeah, not the most uplifting post in my history but it's true. Thank god for Al- Jennis boyfriend (now redeeming his once labeled 'douchebag' name tag...he is back in the picture and I think this time he's here to stay) in any case, they came to get the boys yesterday and since I had sprained my ankle horribly Friday he sprinkled the tick powder around my house for me, THANK YOU.

However, the human kind of tick... the energy sucking people in the world. There is no magic powder to keep them away from you. They bite you through words and reach you through technology. In stead of just leaving a red irritated bite on your leg, they leave a scar inside your soul that seems to ache and slowly bring you down. These people hide behind all kinds of faces. They could be someone you once considered a friend, but gossips consistently causing you harm and making up stories (really? You dont have anything better to do with your time? Really?) They use your loved ones as a 'host' of sorts to cause you pain and 'get to you' with their ugly little claws. They irritate you on the inside, where it matters the most and say mean horrible things to get under your skin.

Being that our bodies in this lifetime are only a shell - holding what is truly important- our souls... this can be a serious threat to us. Everyone deals with this. We all have days we get bitten by a poisonous person and let it drag us down to the pit of hell right along with them. It's hard to climb back up, dust yourself off and realize that these words, this ugliness of anger and hate is simply a self reflection of how those 'human ticks' see themselves. It's hard to overcome their bites.... but we can, and we will, so we do.

It was a lovely weekend here! The kids swam in the lake Saturday. Mr. Tulsa drove down on Sunday just to turn around and leave at 3AM today- It was nice, though I wonder if he's having a hard time trying to stay awake. The weekend just wasn't long enough folks. The sun is out again, thankfully- days like today when we are trying to recover from tick bites- of all shapes and sizes- it's always best to have a cloudless day to focus on the positive things in your life vs. the ugly things lurking around the dark little shadows. So goes life though right?

Have a beautiful day everyone! I'm going too! Tick bites and all!

Friday, May 15, 2009


AHHH! Friday. Can it get better than this, I ask myself. HELLS YEAH it can. It's not only Friday, but 80 degrees and BEAUTIFUL. It's been a very productive day all around. Not only has the day flown by work wise but I managed to get a good amount of sun on my lunch break. I swear I could hear the boats while i laid out there! I'm only a few miles from the lake, and lemme tell ya, I cannot wait until tomorrow. I'm hoping that the storms they predict will hold off long enough to take the kids to the lake for a picnic.
The 'community' I live in has an actual 'Island' or peninsula rather, but who needs to argue that point? Since i have to pay to have the address that i have, i get free access to the (very well kept i might add) pool and pool house, and also the camp grounds. If i want to play golf i get a discount or i can pay out the ARSE for a membership and uh, no thanks! I dont play golf, but i can drive a mean cart! SO- I'm hoping since Jenni's boys are staying with me that it will be nice enough to camp, if not camping... at least swimming either at the pool or in the lake... whomever is brave enough. Personally I just want more SUN. I felt so alive when i got up from laying out today.
I did something i've not done in years... mainly because i'm scared to death of skin cancer, but at the same time... i have NEVER been this white before. I tan pretty well considering i have Indian in me (at least that's why i'm told i tan so well) when i try, but i've spent a lot of time slathering myself with sunblock the last two years... i'm done! I greased myself up like a holiday turkey with baby oil and spent 20 minutes on each side. I can see the difference, can anyone else? Doubtful.
I can't help but stop and think about where I was this time last week- ESTES PARK, CO. My second favorite little town on earth (Eureka is first.... and until you spend time here, you'll never understand it)
We had a room right on The Big Thomspon River, complete with a hot tub. Mr. Tulsa was brave enough to get in it (this is water melting from the snow caps people.... COLD ASS WATER) and we spent the better part of the afternoon sipping wine (ok he had GIN... but Rangpur so it's ok) and chatting in the hot tub. THAT is where the picture from yesterday came from. I have posted a few pics for you to gander at whilst I tell my boring story:

I can't remember if this picture was Friday afternoon or Saturday Morning... I think Friday afternoon??? Hell if i know anymore it all blurred together. I haven't actually relaxed like THAT in a longgggg time. It was weird to be honest. By the time we got stuck in the Denver airport on the way home Sunday, I was a laughing scattered mess.

This is Claires- Cute little place on the square. This is where my cousin Tara and i saw the family of Elk come rest in the middle of the part last summer (or was it the summer before?) Anyways, then the police on segways came and chased them off. It was comical, i mean really... a segway? Up agains a daddy Elk? IF he wanted to kick your ass mister, he would have done so. I think he was just being kind since there were so many spectators in the area. Back to the story- Claries has good bloody marys and great service. If you go, try it out. It's nothing fancy, but it's got GREAT food and good drinks! You can't beat the view either.

Of course I try (key word here... try) to take pictures of most things i eat, or places I suppose. mainly so i can rant about how good it is...I often see people that work in the establishment looking at me funny while i set up the 'scene' of the menu and my meal/drink. I keep waiting for the day when they ask me if i'm a critic. I can look at them dead in the eye and say "No, I just have a very serious obsession with food and pictures" then snap one of them and see how they react. I keep waiting, they never ask... If you're wondering... NO, these Bloody's are not even close to comparable with the Cat House Bloody Mary. It's worth the trip to Eureka Springs (yes people... Arkansas) just to have one.. I promise! For the guys out there, all the girls who work in the bar are smokin' hot... ladies... Latty's pretty damn cute too!!!! You should go... no matter it's super fun and the peeps are a hoot. Why else would i hang out there?

Oh YEAH- damn attention span of a hummingbird on days like today. Sorry. Anyways, so after we ate we tried to go up to the mountain, but the tram was closed (doesn't open til next weekend.. jerks) So we stopped off and got our beverages and headed to the hot tub. Here are some pics for you of that little outing:

This was fabulous. 105 degree water... cold mountain air coming down from the Rockies in swoops. It was marvelous. I think we were in there for a few (several) hours.

and then from the other direction: (keep in mind the Big T is actually a LOT bigger than this down river... this place is up the mountain a bit and closer to the National Park)

This is the 'cabin' so to speak over on the right. We were towards the end, on the bottom. THE ONLY people in the place (i guess they call it a lodge... whatever) so that was super. The one person besides us was a worker who was right by the hot tub, he was cutting tiles for the first little room that was being remodeled. I think we scared him off to be right honest. He looked like Santa! I am now fully convinced that Santa Claus in fact lives in Estes and does handy work in the off season... oh, and drives a really old Toyota Truck.

Here, you can see by the horrid expression on Tulsa's face HOW FUCKING COLD the water actually is. But I think by this time we had a few drinks in us and it didn't matter. I got in too, but there is no photographic proof and thank god for that because look at this:

NOT ONLY I do look like a block of swiss cheese but my hair is still in the faux hawk. See people, i'm not your average bear! I'm not too good to post horrible pictures of my muffin top on the Internet....blending in with my snow white legs and bleached out swim suit... NO.. Besides... I am at lesat a .5 shade darker after today... so HA! I like this picture though... it's kinda cute and sorta funny if you look at it right. I'll leave you with that.

It's been a super fabuloustic day today! I keep getting lost in the sky and i have YET to see a cloud. I hope (as always) no matter where you are, who you're with, or what you are doing. Work, play, school, or on the other side of the world in bed right now, that you are as happy as you can possibly be WHERE you are... right this second. If you're not... get your ass up and eat chocolate, drink some Riesling, or sing your favorite childhood song. Whatever it is that makes you giggle a little inside. Sometimes, even when things are really hard.... if you fake the smile, and you work hard for the laughs, they become real... and you forget what your frown was even about to start with, you carry on with what WAS a fake smile on your face... and continue your day being happy. If thats not enough, and you just live to see how many chipmunks I save... WELL- I let keane out once today........... for only a few minutes (because if he didn't stop trying to ride the dogs out the door during potty breaks there was going to be a fight) and he didn't manage to catch a damn thing! HA. So i'll leave you with with this cute little number- the serial killa- resting for his next hunt _TADA!

(check the fangs on this guy! Man he's a beautiful cat.... but geesus those poor chipmunks!)

Cheers my friends......... until Monday...........MUWAHHHHHH!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Addition............Bitchy People SUCK!

I wish I were here again........... sipping Resling on the Big Thompson River. Fresh breeze pulling the crisp smell of air off the mountains down onto my wet face, while sitting in 105 degree water and loving every second of it. It's nice, here.......... today.......... but MAN I miss Colorado.......... Again!

Thursday- Things that make me laugh or smile

I've decided to dedicate one day a week to the things in this world that make me laugh or maybe just smile. Since my posts are kind of boring and follow the same trek - meaning they are NOT random at all (ha) i'm going to put a little structure into my Day in the Life so here goes:

  • Laugh- When my dog scamps goes outside and runs in circles around the front yard. he runs so hard and fast that he literally flips rocks at the house. This is a 6 pound Maltese that looks like a white floor mop with eyeballs. It IS one of the cutest, and funniest things to see... Seriously!

  • Smile- When my daughter takes a bath in 'my' tub. The bathtub is a jet tub in the corner of my bedroom, so I can sit on the bed and read, make grocery lists etc while she is off in her own little world of bubbles. The funny part is when i've gotten so INTO whatever it is that i'm doing and I happen to look up, she's standing in the tub, nearly overflowing with bubbles, painting the tile with the bubble pile on her head. It's not so fun to clean up, but it's hilarious while she does it and quite calming to watch (until i realize how long it's going to take to clean it up)

  • Laugh: This- morning hair, sipping milk off a spoon- THIS makes me laugh- Nuff said:

  • Smile- My house and everything around, about, and in it. I LOVE IT HERE. (have i told you that before? didn't think so)

  • Laugh - Memories of people, places and things. There are so many wonderful memories it's hard NOT to get lost in them. They tickle so much it's funny!

  • Smile- The fact that i've saved TWO (yes two... ) Chipmunks from death by Cat today- Watching them scamper away as Keane struggles to chase after them, working so hard to excape my grip- makes me smile... (nature... not always so pretty.. is it!)

  • Laugh- This strand of beads Jaida just put around my neck- I look like Marg Simpson!

  • Laugh- The fact my daughter can make JUST as good Tard faces as I can. I'm so proud- Her Fifth Birthday is in two weeks. I dont know if it is the fact she's starting school this year, that she's a foot taller than most kids her age, or the fact she already has a crush on boys... but it scares me, makes me wish in a way that she would stay his little forever, then again... i look forward to our 'friendship' when she gets old enough that I dont have to be a strict mother 'constantly'. I look forward to it all- So I think for her birthday i'll get her a pink helmet- to match Mommy's!

Wherever you are in the world today, if the sun is out or the rain is pouring... no matter what, no matter where. I hope you can name at least 2 things that make you laugh, or smile. Not just a surface smile a real one you feel in your soul. Not just a giggle but a deep down laugh that tickles so deep that your face hurts when it's over. There are so many things to love and laugh about in the world that it is funny when sometimes we get stuck in that storm cloud of grey and can't seem to find any of them. One day the sun comes back out, blinds us and makes us realize that we can smile and laugh about everything in our lives, even the bad. EVEN if it means getting stuck in the Denver Airport for 8 hours, Flooded in on Grande Isle, LA- Not getting to eat your favorite cheese for weeks, or saving a few chipmunks and lizard eggs. No matter what it is, that makes us smile........ we should appreciate it, laugh at it, and cherish every single moment of it. After all- we really never know when we will be making our very last memory with someone, so it should be the best it can be, at all times.

Have you told everyone you love... that you love them today? You should- maybe, it will even make you smile!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cheesy Ass Shit - Toechiese 2009- Ch. 3

Before I get all caught up in the weekend of drunken fun with my friends I feel the overwhelming urge to share with you that I do in deed have a serial killer in my house. He is long, dark, handsome with the most adoring and glowing green eyes. His voice is soft and deep, and his touch is as if to say 'Pet me'. Panther-Keane=Killer.

Yesterday I was greeted to a lizard head, complete with lizard eggs in front of the door mat. I know- i know this his nature, and he is only trying to bring me gifts, but seriously? What is wrong with the good old fashion pizza, block of cheese or bottle of cheap wine? Lazy ass Cat- get off your ass! Anywho--- After trying to save the lizard eggs (yes i know DIS.GUSTING) i felt it my human need to make up for his bad karma of killing a momma lizard by trying to set the eggs in the sun hoping they will hatch (but not really... just doing my part in the path of Karma). so I let him out again today, Keane- the CAt.. not the lizard head (he's already in the garbage-OUTSIDE) and he'd been out a while. It's a gorgeous day and I can't deny any animal the right to bask in the sun, after all... i spent my lunch break topless on my deck, basking in the sun covered in baby oil- it was refreshing!

As I sat -after lunch of course- with my back to the main window of the living room, working away, i hear him meow- it's muffled though, so i turn slowly to see.... Keane standing proudly outside the window, one hand on the screen the other on his fresh catch.... Alvin- the neighborhood chipmunk, laying lifeless in his grasp. I opened the door, screamed something horrifying in animal noise voice and he dropped the poor munk to the ground and bolted into the house. I began this 'what seems to becoming' a routine, i get a paper towel, tell the kiddo to stay in the other room, and i commence to toss the poor animal into the trash bin. This time i didn't cry, I just felt really bad, and yet at the same time in the back of my head feel safe from any serpents that might try to come my way.... and i love my cat... so there you have it.
UNTIL- later when i see him (odd... i didn't let him out!) running quickly across the front yard and halting under the back of my car. I stood up and raced out there just in time to grab him by the neck and he released the new prey- another chipmunk- so i guess Simon got away and Theodore, wherever he is had better find a good hiding spot. So, one animal saved one killed. it's an even keel here on the hill. I"m doing my best to keep everything alive! Here is a cute picture from Colorado I think you'll like, to bring some LIFE back into the sad Chipmunk Story:

and so... without making you wait anymore for the Saturday Tochiese Festival of 2009 pictures:


I figured I should start this part of the story off with a classic TARD face done only by me. I swear this will make me famous someday.... It's really kind of fun to look at the picture i posted last (this picture) only we are all normal, then look back at this one real fast, it's like i got kicked in the face. Pretty funny i might add. ON WITH THE SHOW:
this was an actual site in the yard Saturday morning. Apparently the top floor of the house got a little too hot for Lil Mer and she herded herself out to the driveway where the concrete was cold: Cute, isn't it? Mardi Gras Beads (YES from the REAL Mardi Gras in NO) still wrapped around her little arm... awe................ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We had to head to Cat House- Again with the bloody Marys'- we were all feeling pretty sluggish but we managed to get our make up on straight- i think?

What is even worse- I didn't even MEAN to make this tard face........ geesus- where in the hell is my helmet when i need it?
It was bike weekend (if i didn't mention that before) so of course the streets were radding with the exhaust pipes echo of Harley's, Custom Choppers, and even a few Crotch Rockets (geez)
Then come the sober lip contests: I wont say it out loud that Merrie has the best lips of us all- i'll just type it publicly-
And so on with a few more bikes before I tell you about shopping!! AND ending up dressed like twinky's with your friend............ how-dee-do!

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty............................ I think It would fit me juuuuuust right!

BUT... this bike? SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXY SEXXXXXXXXXXXYYYYY! I would Make love to this bike on a daily basis, beg and plead to make it's every single wish my command and even spit shine it's wheels- DAMMMN thing is smokin!!!!!!!!

Ok, sorry about that. I suppose I should head into the bathroom and take a freezing cold shower after that - wheew.

I think i'll leave you with this much of the story, and fill you in on the shopping and continuous adventure into the night tomorrow. Gotta keep you coming back for more raw surprises dont i?

Much love to you all- may the sun be shinning on your face, kissing you ever so softly and making your cheeks blush just right. CHEERS

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tocheise Fest 2009- Chapter 2

Tocheise Festival 2009

Friday night was a lot of fun, as I said in the first chapter....and frankly it's all become a huge blurr at this point, but we all ended up back at my house. Honkey Suckle (Eric and Dave) came back to play for us around the fire pit (yeah i know right... total Arkansas site right there) My friend Matt from Shell Knob and Hilary showed up to join the rest of the crew. We sat around the fire outside, listened to good music and chatted in our jammies. Here are a few pictures, as the night raced on, I served chips with salsa and cheese dip (and made an ass load of quesadillas) enjoy the story in pictures.
Here is mostly everyone camped out in the gravel front yard, listening to music having a great time. Notice... Jenni is the ONLY person who could pull off leopard heels with cherry PJ pants... but just wait for the closer pictures.........

Merrie, Eric, Dave and Amanda

Merrie and Eric Groovin

It wasn't long after the above picture was taken, that the bowl of freshly heated cheese dip slid off the cooler (ok Bambi, who's genius idea was it to set the bowl on the cooler with a drunk lil Merrie?) and slid nicely into Erics shoe, covering his toes... hence the Tocheise Festival term being coined here. We of course, being the classy group we are, eating cheese dip, salsa and chips in a gravel front yard around a fire pit in Arkansas would never spell it Toe Cheese- We have to spice it up a bit and make it seem ... foreign... ok maybe not but it's cuter than TOE CHEESE. Here you see Merrie's clean feet (for now) next to Erics, not so tasty looking feet covered in cheese:

And so as if that was not enough, here i'll give you an up close look at the actual toe.. with said cheese.

What a waste of good cheese................ man......................... i dont love cheese as much when i look at this picture............ but i digress: On with the story!

It wasn't long after the CHEESE that i decided to make all my hungry and very drunk friends some Quesadillas, which by the way, got eaten as fast as I made them. While in the house though, like any little get together people are in and out of the house, mixing drinks, using the facilities and conversing in various areas of the house. It just so happened, I was in the one room of the house that the girls from the Motley Crue videos' showed up. I mean i love Nikki Sixx- but I think I love the following pictures even more:

except, this particular video was shot in the floor of my kitchen....... and, the music was live, and....... the band was outside........... i'm not sure what happened here but it became a pretty funny floor sitting experience. THESE two cracked me up- This is Merrie and Brianne in their debut of "Motley Floor Girls"
And from here turned into this:

and soon after this.............. we all just ended up on the floor, making faces, doing poses and well... heading for ONE hell of a hang over the next morning:

(Yes, i have my shoe above my head and my glasses on- My eyes were cashed and i looked horrible so be thankful you CANT see my eyes)
(Damn, it's good to be a gangsta! tee hee)

But the night didn't end with JUST cheese on feet... or drunk girls who haven't hung out together in ages, rolling around on the floor in the woods of Arkansas, pretending we were all 10 years younger again. It didn't go un noticed that we were missing a few of our 'crew', nor did it seem as if the 'new members' had become NEW to the group, or had been there all along.

Even when you traipse around in the hills with no shoes on: (no these are NOT my feet- this person shall remain nameless to keep from hillbily status) listening to live folk music played by your friends around a fire pit... you can't help but look at them all in a group and be thankful that after all of these years, they are still the people who held you up when you felt like you couldn't stand anymore... (even if you were just drunk in HS) They talked you through break ups you thought would never heal. They sent you birthday, mothers day and Christmas cards, even though you can't seem to remember to send them to anyone - you got one... from them. They are the ones that you call when you need to cry, and you just really have no idea why. They are the ones you drive hours to see for 30 minutes because just that thirty minutes alone can make an entire difference in the next year of your life. No matter what you do in life, mistakes you make, tears you shed, people you lose or smiles you share... these are the people that will stand beside you no matter what. They love you, for who you are, what you were and where you have traveled to become the person you are today.

This friendship- between this group of girls is not something you find around every corner. This 'institution' (because that word seems so fitting, especially after the pictures) of friends, seem to fit together like a bunch of puzzle pieces that never fit anywhere else. Our edges compliment one another, and each piece more different than the next, yet the same in some way that you can't quite put your finger on.

Up next- Saturday's events in Eureka Springs with the Tocheise Girls:

To Be Continued...............