Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Meadow- By Alicia Goranson

*I found the blog of Alicia G. (also known as Becky I in the sitcom Rosanne - i loved that show) and began reading her poems on her blog ( I really enjoyed them, and then i found this one and LOVED IT :) Fitting for the movie and myself...

The Meadow

As Bambi's mother

Led her fawn

Onto the meadow

And was gone,

So I was shown,

And, thus, exposed

To pastures where

Foreboding bodes.

Without the trees

That hide the sun,

The vast expanse

Belied the gun.

For when the shot

Shattered the calm,

The earth became

A maelstrom.

The moment's shock,

The past forgot,

I ran to where

I had been not.

In foreign forests,


I realized

I was alone.

And in the absence

Of my mother,

The canopy,

My only cover,

The meadow, then,

Proposed a test

Of fortitude

And mindfulness.

While I still graze

Beyond the grove,

The hand recalls

The burning stove.