Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Becoming- By Bambi Hill

Standing at a cross road
with my eyes toward the sky
wondering which way to go
and also asking why

each road appears to lead me
into a brand new place
behind me the road itself
seems to disappear without a trace

the good, they bad the ugly
no longer exist here
all smiles and happy thoughts
begin to replace my fear

slowly walking forward
i find a confidence
that i had thought i lost
when i put up this fence

still guarded in a safety net
i open up a bit
to see that now the path for me
has been sufficiently lit

I take a moment to thank you
for what you left behind
for making me a woman
with such an open mind

i miss you very much you see
but that i cannot show
as much as you have helped me
learn how to 'just let go'

and so, i look away from you
back towards this path of mine
leaving you in heaven now
because i know you're now just fine

don't worry though i know you're there
still watching over me
you helped me form the life i have
and who I'm supposed to be